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This facility has been in operation since 1991 as a subsidiary of FBM Hudson Italiana SpA (FBM HI) Italy and was developed significant innovative technologies in the design and fabrication of high-pressure equipment’s and in manufacturing of components made in special material such as incoloy (incoloy 625, incoloy 825, monel 400), duplex low alloy (2.25Cr 1Mo, 1.25Cr 0.5Mo, 3.5Ni etc), stainless steel (Austenite & ferrite), titanium and carbon steel.

The workshop is conveniently located for all types of transportation and has direct access to the deepwater quay (12.5 meters water depth in Jebel Ali Port and 0.5 km from the facility shop). This access allows the loading of large equipment directly onto barges or vessels. It is also located close to both Abu Dhabi & Dubai international airports and main highways. FBM HUDSON FZE is supported in engineering by FBM Hudson Italiana, based in Italy, which has reached the highest level of proficiency in thermodynamic and mechanical dimensioning.

FBM Hudson Italiana
- Italy

(a world leader in heat transfer technology)


Installation of Jebel Ali Workshop by FOCHI International, as a subsidiary of the group and start production of Piping Spools / Skids and related works for Middle East operation of the Group


FBM Hudson Italiana Temo Italy take in-charge of Jebel Ali Workshop for the manufacturing of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Columns and Reactors for Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical and Power Ind.


Take over by HAMONGROUP Effective from 1st June ’97 FBM HUDSON ITALIANA S.p.A & Jebel Ali Workshop becomes part of HAMON Group.FBM Hudson Italiana Jebel Ali Workshop started complete production of Air Cooled Heat Exchangers based on design by FBM Hudson Italiana,Italy.


From 1st September 2004, name of the Company has been changed to FBM-KNM FZCO, a 49:51 share holding between FbM Hudson Italiana Temo Italy (a world leader in heat transfer technology) and KNM International Sdn Bhd (a leading Process Equipment Manufacturing Company)


In 2023, the company underwent a significant transformation, marked by the change of its name to FBM HUDSON FZE